It’s a Thursday morning, I’m lying in bed coz I can’t be bothered to get up yet. Thursday is my Sunday (I work Friday to Tuesday now) so I’m going to spend as much of it being lazy as I can; in a bid to breathe, and prepare for the official start to my Summer Term tomorrow. 

In my New Years post, I said I wanted to get more efficient with my blogging because I’d slipped. And here I am, almost 4 months later, having not written a single one.

In all fairness, I had no idea at the time how little free time I would have, and therefore, no time TO blog.

Work got crazy, (yes I had a show and an exam session to contend with which were big stresses), but the amount of work I was doing was a struggle. I had no time to myself, no time to see family, and I started to get ill. That’s when enough is enough, however much you don’t want to let people down. And I guess that’s what this post is about.

I’ve never been the kind of person to say yes to everything just to please people – I was known at uni for being the boring one who never went out. And I can live with that, I was there to train, and knowing going out would have an impact on that, I didn’t. Simple. I don’t regret it.

I like to believe that I’ve always been a strong person when making my own decisions (apart from when asked what I want for tea or what I want to watch on telly)! But before recently, I’ve never had to apply that mentality to work. And it’s really hard.

I want to work and learn as much as I can and look to those with greater experience for inspiration. But I couldn’t spend my entire life working and sleeping. That’s why I moved away from London.

I made a change, however guilty I felt for doing it, but I’m in such a better place now, mentally and physically. I’m glad that I found more strength.

And on top of that, I got engaged! 


To THE most incredible human being I might add. Now I get to wedding plan (which is SO FUN, anyone who knows me knows how ridiculously organised I am – if teaching goes out the window, I know where to head for a new job). Which whilst it’s not entirely easy going (it’s SO time consuming and I had no idea how much there was to do till I wrote out my checklist), it gives me a release from work and has turned into my off switch. Not to mention it’s so bloody exciting! Can someone please tell me why I’m adulting when I still feel 18?  😂

Life is funny. 

It can be crap. It can be wonderful. It can be challenging. It can suck.

It can be tough, heart breaking, soul wrenching, cruel.

It can also be rewarding, inspiring, hysterical, full of love.

In the past couple of months especially, I’ve taken more of a back seat, a look at the bigger picture. Life can be so many things, but we’ve SO got to make the most of it, and do what makes us happy.

And that, is where I leave you. Grab life by the horns, and do what makes you happy.


Lynette x

‘Krazy’ Rehearsals…

How do you know it’s show time? When you blink and three weeks have gone by with no blog post! Didn’t even realise… SO! Here we go. Because Studio 3’s annual show, ‘Dance Krazy’ at Harrogate Royal Hall, is NEXT WEEK! Despite the title, I’m not going to talk TOO much about my pieces in the show – I haven’t really given much away on social media – about what we’ve been doing OR how rehearsals have been. But, as always, I’m just putting thoughts out there that have been influenced by what’s going on in my life. So let’s just roll with it…

Before going away to train, I performed in 14 Dance Krazy’s, 1997-2011. This will be the first one for me in teacher mode. I reckon it’s going to be a very strange experience on the day, but I’m so looking forward to it.
I’ve spoken before (in particular on my work account on Snapchat) about how it’s hard to switch off with this job. You don’t just work the couple of hours that you’re in the studio, there’s sooooooo much time spent planning, reviewing, creating, choreographing, video making, music editing… I love it, but it ends up being very time consuming. I definitely didn’t give my teachers the credit they deserved – you just don’t realise how in-depth this job is until you do it yourself. And I’m only a teacher – I don’t own the business or own the school. How Ms Hall finds time to sleep, I’ll never know!

girls-blur‘Me and My Girls’ – Commercial Jazz Rehearsal

AND the main thing about all this: you can’t switch off. My brain doesn’t care if it’s Saturday night and I have a film on, or if I’m out at the pub. If I get inspiration (for a piece, class, whatever), I have to go with it. Coz you don’t know when you might get it again! Thankfully my nearest and dearest are very understanding and have learned to deal with me if I suddenly say ‘hold that thought, I’ve just figured out how the spacing will work in section 7 – bear with whilst I write it down!’.

Show time is worse. There’s technically less choreography to worry about (coz now they’re all finished, it’s just my adult classes I have to plan for). But there’s 10 times more stress. Especially when you’re working to a short time scale.


BUT. Whilst it’s stressful, it’s SO exciting. I love show time. Being on the other side of it is different. It’s not the first time, I choreographed school productions etc, but this is on a totally different level – maybe because it’s my job and I’m so invested in it. Give it 9 days, I might decide that actually, it’s JUST stressful – I’ll keep you posted 😉 

Rehearsals have always filled me with excitement, however hard they are. And the feeling when things start going right is simply immense. So here we go. Last week of rehearsals. There’s still lots of hard work that needs to be done – but I remain positive and optimistic, look forward to seeing all my girls this week, AND going along to have a sneaky peek at other rehearsals too.

All that’s left to say, is that I wish all involved lots of love and luck! And don’t forget to use your peripheral vision 😉

Lynette x

A Step Back in Time…

It’s funny isn’t it, how a certain sight, sound or smell can instantly transport you back to another time, to a specific memory. Sometimes a memory you didn’t even know existed. 

Over the past couple of years, seeing a programme or film on telly has suddenly taken me back to being a kid – it’s hard to explain the feeling you get, a bit of a warm fuzzy realisation….? Brambly Hedge, Percy the Park Keeper and Camberwick Green, are the main TV programmes I’ve happened across. Wow. Please tell me I’m not the only one to remember these? 

It’s the same with music, especially as a dancer. We hear SO much music over the years, especially if you started training as soon as you learned how to walk. Some songs are obvious ones – songs that you really loved rehearsing and performing to, or associate with a certain person or event. But some music you don’t even think about, it’s only when you hear it years later that it gives you goosebumps.

Last week, it happened massively. I was covering an evening at Studio 3 and had the chance to teach 3 classes of Riverdance. I’ve always loved Irish, my first solo I made up for the Choreography Competition when I was 7 was ‘Cry of the Celts’ from Lord of the Dance. I really missed it (Irish) when I went away to train, but that was 5 1/2 years ago, I guess I got used to not doing it – I’d forgotten until Thursday how much I love it, the style, the music.  

Dancing and teaching those was a weird experience. Total role reversal. But I loved it. Especially when ‘Reel Around the Sun’ came on. Any of you who danced at Studio 3 know that dance. And the intense music in the introduction. The girls in the class even said how much that piece of music gets their heart racing. And it’s true. Yes we love it at the time, but when you hear it years later and still remember all the choreography too…that’s one intense feeling.

I love that feeling of nostalgia. I always have, it just makes me really happy. I’m looking forward/hope for more moments like that 🙂

Lynette x

P.S. It’s Christmas show week this week, if you’re on Instagram, give me an add (lynette_s3dance) for behind the scenes on rehearsals, prep and show day madness – there’s gonna be a lot of drama and festive fun 😉 

The Wet Ballet Shoe…

I thought that by the time I was an adult, I would’ve stopped having the problem of a leaking water bottle. I thought I’d have more sense by now. Or more luck at least. But no.

What did I discover when I got to work last week? All 500mls of lovely, soft, Yorkshire water had escaped the bottle and made friends with the contents of my bag (and yes, that IS a slight dig at southern water. I don’t know how I drank it for five years – nothing ruins your morning cuppa more than a layer of limescale). Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of things in my bag at the time. My NEW iPad had cleverly jumped into the side pocket out of harms way (thank heavens). But right at the bottom of the bag, the thing that soaked up most of the spillage – my ballet shoes. I could’ve wrung them out. Standing with them under the hand dryer for what seemed like hours got some of the thick off, but sliding your foot into a damp canvas shoe is not the nicest feeling in the world. I’m sure I’m not alone here, there must be a couple of you out there who’ve experienced the same feeling!

‘My Oh My’ @ Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre, 2000(?)

It did take me back a few years though; to those times when my dance school performed at school fairs and town events. We danced on all types of surfaces: concrete, wood, grass, mud – I’m talking playing fields, school halls, market squares, down Knaresborough high street, and the list goes on. We had a lot of fun. But you always had to make sure you had your old pair of ballet shoes at the ready. No way could you perform in a field one day and turn up to ballet class the next with grass stains on your shoes. So we were always organised. And a good job too, those shoes got wrecked. They got soggy so many times and leaked through your tights until your toes went numb. Except that one time when we were performing in May and it hailed (thankyou, British summer) – hail doesn’t make the grass wet! And yes it was a bit chilly – but we’re from Yorkshire, we’re made of stern stuff. Having said all that, it was an experience. And I will never forget the time we danced in tutus in a hail storm on my school field.

At least in those days, soggy ballet shoes were left by the front door to dry on some newspaper. My recent issue resulted in trailing footprints all over the studio. Thankfully they’d dried enough to not be a health and safety issue (phew). But it was a fairly unpleasant experience – and I just couldn’t channel my inner ballerina or dingle dangle scarecrow because my feet were so uncomfortable. Which was very disappointing. I love having an excuse to be a fairy on a Saturday morning.

Lesson learned – always check your bottle top is screwed on properly.

Lynette x

To blog, or not to blog…


So. I’ve been back in Yorkshire for just over two months now. Setting myself up as a dance teacher in Knaresborough and Wetherby, finding my feet, having fun with promo vids and posters. And the one question that’s continually cropped up when I’ve talked to people… ‘Are you starting a blog?’

At first I would laugh and say no. But as more and more people asked, the more I began to think, maybe it’s something worth doing. Afterall, I’m trying to create an online presence for myself, to advertise my teaching work. So why not give it a go?

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a writer. Or that I had anything particularly intereting to say. Especially doing a blog…who would want to read about my life and my work? But there is SO much involved in being a teacher. More than I anticipated. (I’m pretty sure this subject deserves it’s own blog, so watch this space). I barely have time to breathe and currently, I only teach three days a week! But, what this DOES mean, is that I’ll actually find stuff to talk about (she says hopefully).

So we’re gonna give this a bash and see how we go…

Lynette x