Meet Lonny…

Welcome back! Today we meet the guy who guides us (cast and audience) through the show…

Ed Leigh

Character name:
Lonny Barnett

Tell me a bit about your character:
He’s the ‘narrator’ of the show…kind of. He’s Dennis’ right hand man, eccentric and over the top. Rarely serious, always crazy. Oh, and every now and again he sings a bit.

Favourite song in the show and why:
‘Heaven/More Than Words’ – because I think it’s just epic. It’s like eating *insert well known and popular pizza brand here* but for your ears.20182659_10155685145148013_1289005225_n
Favourite dance move in the show:
The ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ Chumbawumba Hump.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
Panto years ago, I ran on from one side of the stage, tripped just as I came out, and slid across the front of the stage on my stomach like a penguin – straight into the other wing. The audience thought it was all planned… Only the cast knew better. 😐

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
Playing either tennis or badminton, or going full nerd and playing some video games.

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:
Because we have a sexy Rock God in cowboy boots and I get chased around the stage with my trousers down by a man holding cans of whipped cream. These reasons are also being used as a pre-warning for my family when they see it (Sorry Mum).


Told you there were some funny stories worth waiting around for 😂 Next week, we meet the Rock to Ed’s Roll… (see what I did there) 😉

Lynette x


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Meet Sherrie…

Welcome to the second of our ‘Meet the Cast’ posts. Today, I introduce you to our lovely leading lady!
Beth Stevens 

Character name:
Sherrie Christian

Tell me a bit about your character:
She moves to the sunset strip to follow her dream of being an actress. 

Favourite song in the show and why:
Definitely ‘Here I Go Again’. The harmonies in that song are just insane and with everyone joining in for the end of Act 1, it will be an electric number!

20206171_10155685129703013_1967725736_nOur leading man and lady: Beth (as Sherrie) with Chris (as Drew)

Favourite dance move in the show:
I actually haven’t had the chance to dance myself yet, though I’m sure there’ll be lots of crazy stuff for me to do when it comes to ‘Anyway You Want It’, can’t wait for that by the way! But I love Drew’s rocking out in ‘I Wanna Rock’. 

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
Oh god, well once when I was about 16, I was in a show called ‘South Pacific’. And for some reason they thought it was a good idea to put me in a stars and stripes bikini whilst doing a dance on the pretty steep rake of the Theatre Royal (the rake is the name for the gradient of the stage – it’s higher at the back, and slopes down towards the audience). Already a catastrophic mix, throw some very slippy character shoes into it – I ended up completely decking it every single night, no matter how hard I tried to stay up right. Fortunately it just looked like I was meant to be the clumsy dancer so I think I got away with it in the end. 

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
Definitely photography, me and my boyfriend spend lot of our days off going on photo missions. My camera is one of my favourite belongings and I’m always trying to do different things with photography to try find something that I’m good at. Hopefully I’ll find it one day. 

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:
The music! It’s nostalgic and honestly the score is amazing and also the cast is brilliant! It’s going to be an incredibly fun show, to be a part of but also to watch!


Thankyou to the gorgeous Beth for that! Next week, we meet Lonny. Definitely worth keeping an eye out, that’s a funny one 😂

Lynette x
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Meet Drew…

Welcome to the first of our ‘Meet the Cast’ blog posts, coming to you throughout summer! I know I said in my last post that I’d be introducing you to our leading lady this week…change of plans, let me introduce our leading MAN!


Chris Mooney

Character Name:
Drew Boley

Tell me a bit about your character:
Drew is a bar man working at the Bourbon Room with dreams of becoming a rockstar, going by the name of ‘Wolfgang Von Cult’. He’s a little bit naive and has a little trouble when it comes to writing his own songs. He’s eager to make it big, a little bit too eager sometimes, but his intentions always seem to be in the right place.

Favourite song in the show and why:
The opening number, which is a mix of ‘Just Like Paradise’ and ‘Nothing But a Good Time’, is definitely one of my favourites. It’s just such a good opening number; it introduces you to some great character and to top it off, it gets you into that 80’s rock groove.


Favourite dance move in the show:
All of the chair dancing that goes on in ‘I Wanna Rock’ is pretty cool. I’m afraid my knowledge of dance moves is pretty limited.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
This happened to me two years ago when I was back in Liverpool playing the part of Angel in RENT. For anyone who doesn’t know RENT, Angel is a kick ass drag queen and it was definitely one of the best roles I’ve ever played. What wasn’t so great was on the 2nd night having my heel break at the beginning of my main song and having to perform the rest of the number one legged. I haven’t been able to wear a pair of heels since…not that I’d want to.

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
I listen to a lot of music and I go to yoga sometimes but I don’t really have that much free time outside of work.

Why you should come and see HSAP’s Rock of Ages:
Not being originally from Harrogate or anywhere remotely near to Harrogate, I was really taken aback by how talented the cast was in my first rehearsal. Honestly, I feel privileged just to be sharing a stage with the rest of the cast. I’m sure anyone who comes to see it will feel the same way as me.


Thankyou to the lovely Chris for that. Stay tuned for more juicy goss!

Lynette x
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Wrapping Up For Summer…

It’s the summer holidays (for some, every time I’ve updated the other half on how far away summer is, he’s said ‘Yeh for YOU!’ 😂 Sorry hun 😂).

Nevertheless, summer is definitely upon us, which means rehearsals for Rock of Ages have been put on hold. And, although I wasn’t at the last rehearsal because of work, from what was happening the week before, the show seems to be in a good place! We’re making our way through the show from the beginning, rather than jumping between different scenes which means we can all really get to grips with how the show is going to work, and see it take shape.

19970927_10155656552383013_850121670_nEd Leigh (as Lonny Barrett) and company rehearsing for the opening number

Rehearsals have differed between singing with our Musical Director, Jim Lunt, and floor rehearsals with our Director and Choreographer, Louise Denison.

One of the first lessons the dancers learned (and I know I mentioned it in my last blog post before my HSAP posts started)…KNEE PADS! Knee pads are our friends in this show 😂 After the scrapes and bruises that followed our first rehearsal setting the opening number…Yeh. It was not pretty 😂 Totally worth it mind you, we are LIVING.

The biggest lesson learnt in singing rehearsals (apart from when in doubt, rock it out) – is that we have the most incredibly talented cast, we really do. And I’m not the only one to say it. Our principles are insane, its such a joy to sit in rehearsals and hear them belting out those anthems we love so much. If you don’t come to the show for anything else, please just come to hear them sing. Coz it’s SO good.

20197083_10155685135978013_1933454661_nThe company in rehearsal with our MD, Jim Lunt (not pictured)

 I don’t know about the rest of the cast, but I’m already eager to get back into rehearsals and carry on powering through. There’s such a good vibe with the company and coupled with the amazing show we have, it makes for an incredible few hours on Tuesday nights.

My plan, seeing as we don’t have ongoing rehearsals to report on, I’m going to introduce you to the cast 🙂 I gave you a bit of a show synopsis last week, so you’ll be able to put faces to names, learn more about the characters and the wonderful people playing them. AND you’ll get to see more rehearsal photos too, so you can have a nosy at what we’ve been getting up to! First up, our lovely leading lady.

19832618_10155626741073013_434259059_nBeth Stevens as Sherrie Christian

So watch this space, I’ve already had our principles fill in a questionnaire, and some of the responses are guaranteed to make you laugh…so they’ll defo be worth a read!

Sending love to all at HSAP, have a lovely summer ♥

Until next time…

Lynette x
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Welcome to The Sunset Strip…

Post number 2 for Rock of Ages and welcome to The Sunset Strip!

By day, a hot, busy, mile-and-a-half stretch from Beverly Hills to West Hollywood, nose to tail with traffic. By night, it transforms. The snarling traffic is gone, and replaced by the roar of Harley Davidsons. The street is filled with Rock Stars and Wannabe Rockstars with big hair, big heels and a face full of makeup – and we’re not just talking about the girls. Bartenders pour as much Jack Daniels’ and Coke down their clients throats as possible, whilst those Wannabes rock out on stage in the hope of catching the attention of any music managers who happen to be passing.

19970927_10155656552383013_850121670_nEd Leigh as Lonny Barnett with the cast

Enter Lonny Barnett, the narrator of our story. He introduces the strip, the Bourbon Room – where he works as assistant to bar owner, Dennis Dupree – and most importantly, Drew Boley: a busboy at The Bourbon Room, a Rock Star Wannabe and the Romeo of our story. After a little sing song, Lonny introduces Sherrie Christian: the Juliet of our story, who’s just moved from a small town in Texas to make it ‘big’ in the city. 

Elsewhere on the Strip, a pair of German developers approach the city’s Mayor to impress on him the importance of ‘clean living’. Much to the anger of City Planner, Regina, they try to persuade him to abandon the “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll” lifestyle of the Sunset Strip. 

20067523_10155656554223013_1934503372_nAlex Bradbury-Hall as Stacee Jaxx with fan girls

When Dennis learns the plan includes ripping down The Bourbon Room, he believes that bringing in Rock Star/Sex God Stacee Jaxx and his band Arsenal (who’ve just announced their break up) will help raise more money.

Skip ahead a few songs – (I’m not gonna give it all away, but Drew and Sherrie get closer, then further apart, then she leaves – standard ‘love story drama’ 😉 ). Enter Justice Charlier, owner of nearby ‘Venus Club’. Sherrie grudgingly accepts work as the otherwise known ‘gentleman’s club’.

As Act 1 closes, everyone is alone – Drew as an up-coming Rock Star, Sherrie as a dancer, Regina protesting the redevelopment and Dennis trying to save his club. And off you go to bar for a top up, singing ‘Here I Go Again’.

20030940_10155656534603013_163827019_n (1)Ensemble in rehearsal for ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

There, my lovelies, is where I leave you. I don’t want to give too much away, you’ll just have to come and see the show to find out how it ends 😉 It’s not Shakespeare, I know that. But it’s a kick-ass, feel-good Rock show, which, not gonna lie, is hilarious too :’) You’ll be singing along in your seat to CLASSIC 80s anthems (please remember to do a vocal warm up though)… You’ll be having ‘Nothing But a Good Time’ as ‘We Build This City’ in the ‘Shadows of the Night’ – AND ‘Don’t Stop Believing!’ (See what I did there?) 😉 What’s not to love?!

Until next time,

Lynette x
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Welcome to HSAP…


So this is a little different for me, as for the next few months, my blog posts won’t be my usual personal ones… I’ve been asked to blog for Harrogate St Andrew’s Player’s and their upcoming production of Rock Of Ages! Which is exciting!

So first things first, WELCOME to those visiting my blog for the first time, and welcome back to those who’ve followed me previously…this may be a little different for you.

I’ll start by introducing you to the company (which gets a little less chilled in tone, but there’s no other way to do it):
HSAP was founded in 1969 and has since produced fantastic shows each year in the Harrogate area, the majority of which have been held at Harrogate Theatre. From the first production of ‘No No Nanette’ to last year’s ‘Legally Blonde’, the company has treated audiences to a wide variety of Musical Theatre genres, all to a very high standard. And I think my fellow company members will agree with me whole heartedly when I say our Director/Choreographer, Louise Denison and Musical Director, Jim Lunt, are to thank for that. Which, I am going to back up with a quote from the website (#SoPro, finally those essays and dissertation are coming in use!) (‘:

‘Their talent and expertise have seen the standards of song and dance reach new levels of success within the society, which has encouraged many young people to develop and enjoy the experience of appearing on the stage.’

1222371_origProduction image from ‘Showstoppers’, 2011 at Harrogate Royal Hall

Totally agree with that. My first show was High School Musical in 2010, followed by Footloose (2010) and Showstopper’s (2011). The experience was incredible, experience I hadn’t gotten anywhere else. I genuinely missed it when I went away to train, and after 5 years away, I’m officially back and PROUD to be a member again. It’s a fun yet hard and professional working environment (which obviously, I love). Our behind the scenes team are amazing, and Louise and Jim…what can I say? I’ve learned so much from both and will be forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with them. 

Soppiness aside now, because our current show is far from it! (Yes, it has a love story, but how soppy can a show set to the best 80’s Anthems be?) I LOVE Rock of Ages, always have, so I was in my element when the show was announced as our next production! We’re about a month into rehearsals and finished up our second floor rehearsal on Tuesday. As a cast member, I can’t really tell you that it looks amazing – coz I can’t see when I’m head-banging away…but it FEELS amazing. So I reckon we’re in for a good-un!

19437600_10155596158233013_6178575088022587229_nPhoto from the first ‘Rock of Ages’ floor rehearsal

This is where I wrap it up for today. I know I didn’t go into MUCH detail about RoA… I’m going to try and keep these short and sweet. I know from experience that scrolling through a million paragraphs of blog is boring. Keep the reader wanting more 😉 So with that said, make sure you SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW (look for this button – Follow Graphic – on the right hand side of the page on desktop or keep scrolling down on Smartphone or Tablet) so you don’t miss any Rock of Ages sneak pics and previews and just general banter – I have a WHOLE few months of posts already planned out (organisation Queen strikes again)! 

AND if you want to visit the St Andrew’s website:

So, thankyou for reading, hope to see you here again. And if I don’t, you’re missing out 🙂

Until then…

Lynette x
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