Welcome Back to the Strip…

Welcome, (whether that’s for the first time or tenth time)! It feels like a long time since I wrote a full post myself…all of our ‘Meet the Cast’ posts during summer were written by each individual in response to a list of questions. I thought some of the responses (particularly the ‘Most Embarrassing Moment Ever on Stage:’) were an absolute TREAT! If you missed any or want to read more, head to the Home page, they’re all listed there ūüôā

20182857_10155685135963013_91366556_nThe cast in singing rehearsal with our MD (Musical Director), Jim Lunt

It’s been two months (to the day, I just checked!) since I shared the ‘Wrapping Up For Summer‘ post, and despite having had only one recap rehearsal during summer, we’ve cracked RIGHT on, all guns blazing, no holding back, since coming back together a couple of weeks ago! No pussy-footing around for HSAP ūüėČ

I guess we had to, there is/has been a lot to do in very little time. I think the thing with this show, is that the¬†ensemble are involved in quite a lot of the songs and scenes. Whilst in other shows it’s common to have a couple of the principles duologue-ing (I just made that into a verb, yes) alone on stage, it’s very rare in Rock of Ages that you have less than 5 or 6 people on stage – it automatically makes it a bigger, longer job. But it’s perfect for the show, it’s much more of a group effort and party atmosphere – which is what you want ūüėČ

21754356_10155874006443013_419744334_nChris Wood giving LIFE as Drew, with the rest of the cast in ‘Heaven/More Than Words’ – GET YOUR LIGHTERS OUT! (Or your phone backlight, that’s probably safer…sorry Harrogate Theatre #HealthAndSafety)

We’re now part way through blocking Act 2, with the view to finishing in the next week and a half or so, then we’re into cleaning and running the full show! Which is scary, that we’re at that point already – BUT IT’S 3 WEEKS TILL SHOW WEEK so I guess we’re right on track! (I popped that in caps lock to try and scare my fellow cast mates a little) ūüėČ

Ticket sales have done well (based on how far we are from performance), but now it’s getting closer, those are really going to pick up. Make sure you book your tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment! I always add the link at the bottom of my posts, but today I’m going to make it really easy and pop the link ‚Üí¬†RIGHT HERE ‚Üź which’ll take you STRAIGHT to the booking page! No trawling through all the ‘What’s On’ stuff!

21690921_10155884146228013_802374882_nRehearsing the fight scene in ‘The Final Countdown’

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I’ll leave you there for today, with that info and the promise of an exciting post next week ūüėČ

Until then…

Lynette x
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Meet Justice…

Welcome to the FINAL of the ‘Meet the Cast’ posts! And I’ve saved the strong sassy queen till last…20182990_10155685123198013_1113933999_n

Lucy Evans

Character name: 
Justice Charlier

Tell me a bit about your character: 
Owner of the Venus “Gentleman’s Club”, Justice takes on the ‘mother’ role of the girls who work for her. She picks Sherrie up off the street when she has no where to go and no where to live.

Favourite song in the show and why:
‘Dead or Alive’ … because it is simply¬†a bl**dy fantastic song!!¬†¬†


Favourite dance move in the show: 
Standing at the top of the stairs (well…on a chair in rehearsals) – it’s all I’ve done so far.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage: 
Cracking my head open during an all female¬†production of Romeo and Juliet, within which¬†I played Tybalt. When Romeo stabbed me, my dramatic death took me half way into the wing… where there was an amplifier¬†primed and ready to split my head open! Shame it was¬†only the dress rehearsal! The audience could have witnessed real blood!

Favourite pastime out of theatre: 
Being on TV quiz¬†shows…if you’re a Pointless watcher, look out in the next few weeks!!¬†

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:¬†¬†
You’d be seriously mad to miss it! I have done many a show with many a talented cast and this is something special! So, give me a reason why you wouldn’t…

And that’s it! ‘Meet the Cast’ is over!


There are a LOT of characters, and some that I’m afraid I don’t have time to introduce you to. But, these have given you a bit of insight to the show and the characters leading us through it. If you missed any,¬†CLICK HERE¬†to take you to the home page – they’re all there, listed from newest to oldest ūüôā¬†

I hope you enjoyed meeting our incredibly talented principles, they’re all amazing and such lovely people as well. From next week, you’ll get to see/hear more about the entire company – seen as rehearsals are in full swing now post-summer!

We’re now only a month away from the show, so make sure you get your tickets, they’re selling fast!

Lynette x
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Meet Stacee…

As promised, today I bring you our resident Sex God! In the words of Lonny – “Ladies love him. Guys want to BE him! And his band? Well they hate his guts.” …You get the idea.19988875_10155656553598013_1923918421_nName:
Alex Bradbury-Hall

Character name:
Stacee Jaxx

Tell me a bit about your character:
Rock god with an unmatched sex appeal.

Favourite song in the show and why:
‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’. It’s a beautiful song.

Favourite dance move in the show:
My hip thrusts.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
Falling backwards in the middle of a death scene.

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
Seeing Starlight Express in Germany.

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:
‘Cause it’s gunna be awesome! Plus the songs are incredible and the hair is ridiculous.


Alex was the first one to send back his questionnaire and I told him he got¬†a¬†gold star. I don’t joke about gold stars. So here it is¬†bro…¬†ūüėā

Lynette x
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Meet Dennis…

(To quote Lonny) – …”the most bad ass bar owner this side of…ANYWHERE! Meet Dennis Dupree!”

Howard Corrin

Character name:
Dennis Dupree

A bit about your character:
He’s an old rocker that now owns a whiskey bar on The Strip. He wishes after the glory days but knows his time is past. Now he just tries to scrape a living keeping his dream alive through his bar, The Bourbon.

Favourite song in the show and why:
‘I Can’t Fight This Feelin’ because it’s a fantastic character acting bit of tunage ūüôā

Favourite dance move in the show:
Where I sit on my bar stool at my bar and wave a glass of whiskey in the air in time to the music. Good times.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
Never had one. I’m always ready…. always ready…..

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
Console gaming. Got loads of consoles right back to PS1

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:
Because it’s a right good laugh with cracking pace and awesome, classic rock tunage from back in the 80s when I were a lad!


Thankyou Howy for that. Next week, you get to meet our resident Rock God…

Lynette x

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Meet Sherrie…

Welcome to the second of our ‘Meet the Cast’ posts. Today, I introduce you to our lovely leading lady!
Beth Stevens 

Character name:
Sherrie Christian

Tell me a bit about your character:
She moves to the sunset strip to follow her dream of being an actress. 

Favourite song in the show and why:
Definitely ‘Here I Go Again’. The harmonies in that song are just insane and with everyone joining in for the end of Act 1, it will be an¬†electric¬†number!

20206171_10155685129703013_1967725736_nOur leading man and lady: Beth (as Sherrie) with Chris (as Drew)

Favourite dance move in the show:
I¬†actually¬†haven’t¬†had the chance to dance¬†myself¬†yet, though¬†I’m¬†sure there’ll be lots of crazy stuff for me to do when it comes to ‘Anyway You Want It’, can’t wait for that by the way! But¬†I¬†love Drew’s rocking out in ‘I Wanna Rock’.¬†

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
Oh god, well once when I was about 16, I was in a show called ‘South Pacific’. And for some reason they thought it was a good idea to put me in a¬†stars and stripes bikini whilst doing a dance on the pretty steep rake of the Theatre Royal (the rake is the name for the gradient of the stage – it’s higher at the back, and slopes down towards the audience). Already a¬†catastrophic mix, throw some very slippy character shoes¬†into it – I ended up¬†completely decking it every single night, no matter how hard¬†I tried to stay up right. Fortunately it just looked like¬†I was meant to be the clumsy dancer so¬†I think I¬†got away with it in the end.¬†

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
Definitely¬†photography, me¬†and my boyfriend¬†spend lot of our days off going on photo missions. My¬†camera is one of my favourite belongings and¬†I’m always trying to do different things with photography to try find something that¬†I’m good at. Hopefully¬†I’ll find it one day.¬†

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:
The music! It’s nostalgic and honestly the score is amazing and also the cast is brilliant! It’s going to be an incredibly fun show, to be a part of but¬†also¬†to watch!


Thankyou to the gorgeous Beth for that! Next week, we meet Lonny. Definitely worth keeping an eye out, that’s a funny one¬†ūüėā

Lynette x
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Wrapping Up For Summer…

It’s the summer holidays (for some, every time I’ve updated the other half on how far away summer is, he’s said ‘Yeh for YOU!’ ūüėā¬†Sorry hun¬†ūüėā).

Nevertheless, summer is definitely upon us, which means rehearsals for Rock of Ages have been put on hold. And, although I wasn’t at the last rehearsal because of work, from what was happening the week before, the show seems to be in a good place! We’re making our way through the show from the beginning, rather than jumping between different scenes which means we can all really get to grips with how the show is going to work, and see it take shape.

19970927_10155656552383013_850121670_nEd Leigh (as Lonny Barrett) and company rehearsing for the opening number

Rehearsals have differed between singing with our Musical Director, Jim Lunt, and floor rehearsals with our Director and Choreographer, Louise Denison.

One of the first lessons the dancers learned (and I know I mentioned it in my last blog post before my HSAP posts started)…KNEE PADS! Knee pads are our friends in this show ūüėā¬†After the scrapes and bruises that followed our first rehearsal setting the opening number…Yeh. It was not pretty¬†ūüėā¬†Totally worth it mind you, we are LIVING.

The biggest lesson learnt in singing rehearsals (apart from when in doubt, rock it out) – is that we have the most incredibly talented cast, we really do. And I’m not the only one to say it. Our principles are insane, its such a joy to sit in rehearsals and hear them belting out those anthems we love so much. If you don’t come to the show for anything else, please just come to hear them sing. Coz it’s SO good.

20197083_10155685135978013_1933454661_nThe company in rehearsal with our MD, Jim Lunt (not pictured)

¬†I don’t know about the rest of the cast, but I’m already eager to get back into rehearsals and carry on powering through. There’s such a good vibe with the company and coupled with the amazing show we have, it makes for an incredible few hours on Tuesday nights.

My plan, seeing as we don’t have ongoing rehearsals to report on, I’m going to introduce you to the cast ūüôā I gave you a bit of a show synopsis last week, so you’ll be able to put faces to names, learn more about the characters and the wonderful people playing them. AND you’ll get to see more rehearsal photos too, so you can have a nosy at what we’ve been getting up to! First up, our lovely leading lady.

19832618_10155626741073013_434259059_nBeth Stevens as Sherrie Christian

So watch this space, I’ve already had our principles fill in a questionnaire, and some of the responses are¬†guaranteed¬†to make you laugh…so they’ll defo be worth a read!

Sending love to all at HSAP, have a lovely summer ♥

Until next time…

Lynette x
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