Picnic Proms at Harewood House

The sun is shining, the weather’s warmer, and the Summer Holidays are within touching distance. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m starting to think about plans for the summer!

After the year we’ve all just experienced, the further easing of restrictions and a return to normality (or should I say, the ‘new’ norm), really does make the summer feel like a PROPER summer. Being able to meet up with friends and family, how we want, where we want, is going to feel like such a treat after what feels like a million months of cancelled holidays, postponed events, and coming in and out of lockdowns and tiers. SO, time to get thinking about what to do.

Now, whilst we’re (hopefully! – don’t want to jinx anything) going to be seeing much fewer (if not no) restrictions next month, I feel like we’re all a little bit more keen to look for those outdoor events and things to do. I suppose as well as feeling safer, after spending so long cooped up, we want to be able to BREATHE and enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces again!

Alfie Boe, Sir Willard White, Aled Jones, Tenors Unlimited and Queen Symphonic will headline
three spectacular concerts at Harewood House this September. Picnic Proms Summer Concert is a three day series of concerts featuring musical theatre legends, orchestral icons, a symphonic spectacular and spellbinding silent firework displays (silent to ensure minimal disturbance to the Harewood House wildlife).

Seems perfect right? Outdoor space, live entertainment – and not just that, but a show, a production, which will involve hundreds of performers, backstage hands, and event organisers who’ll be BACK IN WORK (can I get a few ‘woop woop’s and a standing ovation for that?!) after an incredibly difficult 18 months. The Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra, who will accompany two of the three concerts, is a professional orchestra which has been revived after 66 years, specifically to support freelance musicians from Yorkshire who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Which is absolutely incredible.

Have I sold it to you yet?! Here are the details you need:

• Friday 3rd September: Alfie Boe with special guests Louise Dearman and Rachel Tucker
• Saturday 4th September: The Great Yorkshire Proms hosted by Aled Jones and featuring The Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra, Sir Willard White, Sophie Evans and Tenors Unlimited
• Sunday 5th September: Queen Symphonic with the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra

The event has been created and designed to ensure potential government restrictions can be adhered to if required – hand sanitising, queueing systems etc. – it all feels like second nature now doesn’t it?! So you can have full confidence in a safe experience, regardless of what restrictions may or may not be in place. Ticket prices begin at £35.

Imagine it now – lovely evening weather, friends and/or family, a gorgeous picnic, a night of beautiful sights and sounds – it feels kinda dreamy.

Head on over to vivolive.co.uk to book your tickets! Go on, it’s a no brainer! The only tricky part is deciding who you want to go and see…