The Cast Step Into Costume…

Arghhhhh it’s getting so close to show week now! With only a week to go, the cast stepped into costume for the first full run of the show.

protestRegina (Charlotte McCamley) and her protesters 

It’s always exciting to see the show run in costume, it suddenly feels real and things start to make sense – for instance, it’s been one thing to see Alex strut around in his cowboy boots for the last few weeks…it’s been another to see them paired with tight leggings, fur coat and long blonde wig. That’s right, you’re in for a real treat! 😳😂 

Not only is it good to see how it LOOKS, its good to see what does and doesn’t work with bits of costume. CAN I dance in those boots, IS my dress going to roll up, AM I going to be too hot in a jacket, IS my wig going to stay in place, CAN I do a lift safely in this costume without slipping. Not all of those are my issues can I point out, I’m just doing a lot of assuming here based on previous experience 😂 

22359350_10155948345578013_490261324_nSex God, Stacee Jaxx (Alex Bradbury-Hall) and groupies

Not only that, it’s trying to work out your quick changes. If you’re mega organised, you’ll try and plan your costume based on how long you have to change into it. It IS easy to get carried away though, find the perfect costume and realise you have 20 seconds to change your entire wardrobe. Although from what I saw yesterday, the RoA cast seem to be on it, there weren’t too many panics! Of course, there are a COUPLE of issues, but we’ve got time to practice – and that’s part of the reason why we practice in costume 🙂 #OrganisedCast

And the final point to make – the show FEELS different. It adds another level; you can really start getting into it, and the characters come alive! It’s so much easier to rock out in boots and leathers than trainers and a baggy t-shirt 😂

22359137_10155948345403013_617092204_nMembers of the ensemble in ‘Heaven/More Than Words’ – get your lighters out!

So to wrap up the costume post, what can you expect? Lots of leather, speedy changes, a few wigs and thigh high boots. And some angel wings. Oh, and some lightsabers… Yehhhhhhh that’s right, there’s a right exciting mix of stuff thrown into this show – it’s been creatively written 😂

ALSO THIS WEEK, HSAP were on Stray FM! Charlotte, Luke, Alex and our Stage Manager, lovely Liz, were talking to Beth about all things ‘Rock Of Ages’. If you missed, it, you can have a listen HERE

See you next week WITH OUR PROMO VID! So stay tuned for a sneaky peek!

Lynette x
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Meet Drew…

Welcome to the first of our ‘Meet the Cast’ blog posts, coming to you throughout summer! I know I said in my last post that I’d be introducing you to our leading lady this week…change of plans, let me introduce our leading MAN!


Chris Mooney

Character Name:
Drew Boley

Tell me a bit about your character:
Drew is a bar man working at the Bourbon Room with dreams of becoming a rockstar, going by the name of ‘Wolfgang Von Cult’. He’s a little bit naive and has a little trouble when it comes to writing his own songs. He’s eager to make it big, a little bit too eager sometimes, but his intentions always seem to be in the right place.

Favourite song in the show and why:
The opening number, which is a mix of ‘Just Like Paradise’ and ‘Nothing But a Good Time’, is definitely one of my favourites. It’s just such a good opening number; it introduces you to some great character and to top it off, it gets you into that 80’s rock groove.


Favourite dance move in the show:
All of the chair dancing that goes on in ‘I Wanna Rock’ is pretty cool. I’m afraid my knowledge of dance moves is pretty limited.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
This happened to me two years ago when I was back in Liverpool playing the part of Angel in RENT. For anyone who doesn’t know RENT, Angel is a kick ass drag queen and it was definitely one of the best roles I’ve ever played. What wasn’t so great was on the 2nd night having my heel break at the beginning of my main song and having to perform the rest of the number one legged. I haven’t been able to wear a pair of heels since…not that I’d want to.

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
I listen to a lot of music and I go to yoga sometimes but I don’t really have that much free time outside of work.

Why you should come and see HSAP’s Rock of Ages:
Not being originally from Harrogate or anywhere remotely near to Harrogate, I was really taken aback by how talented the cast was in my first rehearsal. Honestly, I feel privileged just to be sharing a stage with the rest of the cast. I’m sure anyone who comes to see it will feel the same way as me.


Thankyou to the lovely Chris for that. Stay tuned for more juicy goss!

Lynette x
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