A Step Back in Time…

It’s funny isn’t it, how a certain sight, sound or smell can instantly transport you back to another time, to a specific memory. Sometimes a memory you didn’t even know existed. 

Over the past couple of years, seeing a programme or film on telly has suddenly taken me back to being a kid – it’s hard to explain the feeling you get, a bit of a warm fuzzy realisation….? Brambly Hedge, Percy the Park Keeper and Camberwick Green, are the main TV programmes I’ve happened across. Wow. Please tell me I’m not the only one to remember these? 

It’s the same with music, especially as a dancer. We hear SO much music over the years, especially if you started training as soon as you learned how to walk. Some songs are obvious ones – songs that you really loved rehearsing and performing to, or associate with a certain person or event. But some music you don’t even think about, it’s only when you hear it years later that it gives you goosebumps.

Last week, it happened massively. I was covering an evening at Studio 3 and had the chance to teach 3 classes of Riverdance. I’ve always loved Irish, my first solo I made up for the Choreography Competition when I was 7 was ‘Cry of the Celts’ from Lord of the Dance. I really missed it (Irish) when I went away to train, but that was 5 1/2 years ago, I guess I got used to not doing it – I’d forgotten until Thursday how much I love it, the style, the music.  

Dancing and teaching those was a weird experience. Total role reversal. But I loved it. Especially when ‘Reel Around the Sun’ came on. Any of you who danced at Studio 3 know that dance. And the intense music in the introduction. The girls in the class even said how much that piece of music gets their heart racing. And it’s true. Yes we love it at the time, but when you hear it years later and still remember all the choreography too…that’s one intense feeling.

I love that feeling of nostalgia. I always have, it just makes me really happy. I’m looking forward/hope for more moments like that 🙂

Lynette x

P.S. It’s Christmas show week this week, if you’re on Instagram, give me an add (lynette_s3dance) for behind the scenes on rehearsals, prep and show day madness – there’s gonna be a lot of drama and festive fun 😉 

Rehearsal Geek…

I can’t even explain how much of a rehearsal geek I am. Always have been. Rehearsals finishing late? Running numbers on a weekend? Sometimes running from one rehearsal to another? When I was younger I used to pretend I didn’t like it – that it was a chore. Nope, love it. The typical “sorry I can’t, I have rehearsal” excuse was/is used a lot, but I’d be lying if I said I felt guilty every time I used it… And has anyone ever missed just ONE rehearsal and felt like you’ve missed a whole year? Possibly one of the worst theatre-related feelings ever.

So with show week starting, you can imagine I’ve been in my element recently. Long rehearsals, hard work, trying to be the best you can be. Working with an incredibly talented cast and creative team that you look up to. AND, this time, for the first time in my 24 years – I’m in a show with all 3 of my bestest friends. Which is amazing. Imagine a night with your ‘crew’ or ‘squad’ or ‘posse’ or whatever the cool name is nowadays. Now, imagine you all have a love for the same thing. And imagine you get to do that for a few hours a night, 4 or 5 times a week. You build a special bond with your dance/theatre friends and getting to share the stage with them is just on another level. And d’you know what else, you’re not afraid to tell each other when someone’s doing something wrong – you’ll still love each other at the end of the day!

Sweaty, exhausted, post-rehearsal selfie with my absolute favourites

I tell you what though, my body had a big surprise the morning after first rehearsal. I could barely move. It’s been just over a year since graduation and full time training ended. It’s not like I spent a year doing nothing, I went to the gym, I took class and now I’m teaching too. But nothing can prepare you for a Ms. Denison rehearsal. You go hard or go home. Not that you wouldn’t give it your all every single time – but for non-dancers out there, don’t think you turn up to an HSAP rehearsal and casually shuffle around the stage. It’s. FULL. ON. Thankfully now, a month down the line, my body’s more used to it (though I’m convinced I’ve still got a pulled hammy from that first rehearsal). And I still wake up with bruises on random body parts and wonder how they got there.

In summary – rehearsals give me life. Being in a room with such a talented group of people is an absolute pleasure. And being able to go 110% with your dancing and performance is an absolute joy after a few months without it. I get to dance when I teach of course. But when you’re teaching, it’s about your students. About their growth and development. This has given me the excuse to lose myself in performance again. I can’t decide if that’s selfish or not, being so self indulgent? Or actually the opposite because you’re doing it for an audience, for their entertainment? Or maybe it’s a bit of both? I’m just thinking as I speak here…any thoughts on the subject, go ahead and leave me a comment. At the end of the day, in life, we do what makes us happy. So perhaps it doesn’t even call for discussion if it makes me happy.

Anyway, it’s only a matter of days now until Legally Blonde opens in Harrogate! Watch this space, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of show week thoughts and drama to comment on 😉

Lynette x