Adult Life Hacks (Part II)

Following the popularity of my first Adult Life Hacks, I thought I’d pop down 5 more for you! My favourite (and one I’m probably most proud of) is number 10: the biggest girly life saver so far!

6. Buy a reusable bottle

It’s been all over the place recently now we’re fully aware of the impact plastic is having on our oceans, but I’m putting it down for multiple reasons:
A – you’re helping save the planet
B – you can easily keep track of your water intake (which is especially important in this heatwave)
C – you can treat yourself to something fancy. One with a water tracker, or a Love Island sippy cup if you feel so inclined… 😉


7. Have a medicine cupboard

One place, for all the random stuff you might need. Rennies, Germolene, Plasters, Cough Syrup, After Sun – just chuck it all in there and forget about it till you need it. And don’t replace when you’ve run out, replace when you’re RUNNING out. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a banging headache and realising you have no pain relief.

8. Keep a pack of tissues in the car

You never know when you might need them – runny nose, dusty dashboard, cobweb on your wing mirror, blossom stuck out of reach of the windscreen wipers… Just pop a pack in the glove box, it’s crazy how many times they come in handy.

9. You don’t need to have chocolate in stock like toilet paper

If you do, you just eat it (or I do anyway). I was awful at this in college, I always had it so I always ate it. In my defence, I was dancing a millions hours a day and was eating quite a healthy/balanced diet, and sometimes after a sweaty ballet class, you just NEEDED to chow down on a Freddo. I’ve since learned the error of my ways – buy it when you need it, don’t stock pile it in the fridge/cupboard.


10. Fix a broken nail with a teabag

I tell you no lie. I love my nails to look pretty, and I’m sure that there’s plenty of girlies out there who can empathise with the heartbreak of a broken nail. You’ve just gotten them all to a nice length, and you knock it badly or catch it on something, and it splits. I learned a year or so ago, it’s NOT the end of the world, you don’t need to cut all your beautifully grown out nails down. Head to the kitchen, grab a teabag, empty the contents into the bin and cut off a small square. Paint a layer of clear nail varnish on your poorly nail, pop the small cut of teabag on top of the split, and wait till it’s dry. Add another clear coat, and you’re good to carry on your normal nail routine! Obviously it’s not totally super smooth, so I make sure the nail colour I choose to go on top includes some glitter (this covers any lumps)…but it honestly works! AND because you only need a teeny bit of teabag per go, you don’t have to waste your brew by using a whole teabag every time – you’re only using a tiny square so you can save your ‘nail saviour’ for next time! Give it a go…

If you missed the first 5, you can check them out here

Lynette x (3)

Hayfever Hacks

Now, I know my last but one post was titled ‘Adult Life Hacks’, but I like alliteration, so ‘Hayfever Hacks’ it is 😊 When you’re not a hayfever sufferer, you must think ‘it’s just a runny nose/sneezing, you can get over it’…but it really does have a massive effect. You feel all stuffy all of the time, and you just can’t relax and enjoy your day/evening/BBQ/beer garden. I’m writing this post in the hope that at least one of the items helps at least one person – because I know how crappy it can make your summer.


With all the heat we’ve had recently, of course, that’s come hand in hand with a high (if not VERY high!) pollen count. I can’t take hayfever tablets anymore because they interrupt the absorption of the every day drugs I have to pop, so I’ve had to do my research.

The main problems I encounter are itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, generally feeling stuffy (like a mild cold), and (the weird one?), the back of the roof of my mouth gets REALLY itchy 🤔


Following research and field experiments (almost literally 😂), I bring you Lynette’s 5 Hayfever Hacks:


1. Sterimar Nasal Spray for Hayfever and Allergies.

I know, nasal sprays aren’t the most appealing things, but I wouldn’t have continued to use it and mention it on here if I didn’t swear by it. This one is made of all natural ingredients (the main one being sea water!), which is perfect for me as it won’t interrupt anything; it’s free from steroids, drugs and preservatives. You use it 2 to 6 times a day, and have the option of doing a regular ‘spritz’ or intense ‘spritz’. The more intense one has you at a 90 degree angle, inserting the nozzle righttt up your nose and turning the spritz into a constant spray for a few seconds. I haven’t been brave enough to try this one yet, but the regular, short spritz has been ample for me. And I found it on Amazon!



2. Vaseline.

I’ve seen it suggested for years, but could never face putting Vaseline anywhere NEAR my nostrils. BUT, desperate times and all that, and I gave it a go this year. And it helped! I didn’t do it during the day (a petroleum nose is NOT the highlighter you see suggested on beauty blogs), I did it when I went to bed. Even though pollen’s less intense at 1am, we’re on the third floor (and pollen rises like heat, according to my fiancé), we’re opposite a load of trees and flowers and grass, so hayfever can interrupt my sleep. Not so much with the Vaseline!


3. Optrex Soothing Eyedrops for Itchy Eyes.

Does what it says on the tin. If your eyes are itchy, pop a couple of drops on each eye and they won’t be itchy anymore 👍🏻


4. Shower.

Obviously. But if you’ve been outside for a while, especially in heavily pollinated areas, ditch the clothes, get in the shower and have a wash (including your hair). It washes the pollen off and leaves you feeling much more fresh for settling down for the evening.


5. Local Honey.

Again, I’ve heard it suggested for years, but I’d never tried it before this year. Both Ed and I have been using it, and we’ve both noticed a difference. They recommend having a teaspoon a day, and I took this literally to start off with. It wasn’t the best, not gonna lie…it’s sticky and grainy and quite intense get down. Ed’s taken to adding a spoonful to his morning coffee, and I think that’s a much better idea 😂



As I said, they may not work for everyone, but knowing the discomfort pollen can bring, I hope it helps someone!

If you have any other natural remedies for hayfever, feel free to share below!

Lynette x (3)

Adult Life Hacks (Part I)

After much deliberation, I’M BACK with a fresh updated blog! Bringing you ramblings from all aspects of life now, not just dance – we’re talking lifestyle, work, theatre, general musings – maybe even some wedding updates as requested by a couple of people! I’m not going to promise how frequently I’ll be posting because we all know life/work can get cray, but I really want to try and stay on top of it. So, without further ado…let my next chapter commence!


Now then, I’m not going to claim these ‘life hacks’ will be earth shatteringly life changing, but I’ve found them to be blooming’ useful. Mama P would be proud. Except the last one…I don’t think she’d be proud of that one…

1. Always have tinned tomatoes in the cupboard

They can go in so many dishes, and are fab to have if you can’t be bothered making an effort for tea and just want to throw some bits in a pan. I don’t even LIKE tomatoes. But it works. And I’d never be without them.

2. Bio Oil is a GOD SEND

My skin has never been amazing. In my teen years, I assumed that when I reached my twenties, it’d be perfect. That didn’t happen, which was quite disappointing. I’m only just starting to really get on top of/understand my skin and skin care regime, and bio oil has been an incredible addition. Massage it onto scars and (it won’t happen immediately but) keep at it – they’ll disappear. Genuinely. Using this on spot scars has been amazing and I’m finally starting to find some confidence. I went out the other day with no makeup on, and that’s unheard of. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t spent the last 10 years or so going out with a full face on every single day, but even on a chilled day, I couldn’t leave the house without a dab of concealer. So this one is a big deal for me.
Credit goes to my wonderful other half for introducing me to the shimmering world of bio oil😊

3. Your basket is your friend

shopping basket
Shopping online? I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good browse. In season, out of season, whether you visit a site to intentionally buy, or just get carried away whilst you’re bored on your day off…add your favourite items to your basket, then leave them there for a couple of days. If you’re still thinking about them 2 days later, you’re good to go. If NOT, you just saved yourself from an impulse buy, you won’t be living off bread sandwiches for the next month, and it won’t serve as a gloomy reminder in your wardrobe of the cocktails you could’ve had, or cute stationery you could’ve bought.

4. Buy the Aldi own/Morrison’s own booze equivalents

Archers? Orchards? It tastes exactly the same when mixed (especially once you’ve had a few). Save the pennies and get the half price one.

5. Hide your washing up in the oven

House guests, entertaining for the evening or just someone popping round for a cuppa…pack it away…out of sight, out of mind! Until you forget it’s there. For the love of god, don’t forget you’ve hidden it there and pre-heat the oven later that day. Obviously I would never do something silly like that (🙄), but I can pretty much guarantee that any big knives would melt and weld themselves to the wire rack. Any crumbs on a baking tray would turn to charcoal. And you’d feel like an absolute spoon. Just…be careful! And remember, this doesn’t come from experience……..

Lynette x (3)