#DancerProbs Part III

Yep, #DancerProbs is back for a third time! You can check out Part I and Part II if you missed them – and if you’re not sure what a #DancerProb is, I broke down my interpretation in Part 1.


11. When you can dance for hours on end, but can’t run for more than a minute

It was always a big one (particularly when I was at college) ‘OMG you dance all day, you must be so fit’, *gets lulled into a false sense of security, goes on a run, is home again 10 minutes later because lungs feel like they’re going to explode*… I’m ashamed to say this has happened several times throughout my life. I’m just NOT FIT 😂 Dancing is generally anaerobic (obviously it depends on what you’re doing), but typically, you’re not going to spend an hour long class constantly jumping around (whatever people may think)! It doesn’t take a genius to know dancers train in a totally different way to runners, so my definition of stamina is different to say, my Dad, who spends his weekends on 50 mile trail runs through the mountains or on cliff tops… But still. If you ask me if I’m fit, I’ll say no. I’ll be the first to die in a Zombie Apocolypse, I’ll run for a bit, then just give in and accept the inevitable 😂


12. Standing there awkwardly whilst your teacher decides what to do next

…except now, the shoe’s on the other foot, and I’m the teacher feeling the pressure of tens of pairs of eyes, waiting, judging, expecting you to come up with something amazing seeing as you’re taking so long to come up with something. IT’S A STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE!

13. Ruining the Kitchen floor from tapping

This is a throwback: when I was a kid, I was allowed to practice tapping in the kitchen. Only problem being, it scratched up the tiles MASSIVELY. I think that’s the reason Mama P wanted to get a new kitchen a few years back…not to change everything and modern-ise the room, but because the floor was such a state 😂

14. Going to the bathroom when you have leotard and tights on under your clothes

I can’t remember the last time I was actually in a leotard, but I know others will relate…it’s such a pain! Particularly in winter when you have multiple layers on!


15. You can’t throw ‘normal’ clothes away, just in case you need them for a costume

I’ve had this problem all my life, I still do at 27. Though now, I’ve got designated costume bags, which live in the loft instead of it taking up space in the wardrobe. And it’s not just nice clothes that you think you might wear again, it’s any old thing! Old school shirts, waistcoats, ties, animal print dresses, old coats…fake glasses, scarves, blow up clock…honestly, you never know when you might need something! 😂

If you’re curious and want to read my first 10 points, check out #DancerProbs Part I and #DancerProbs Part II 

Lynette x (3)

#DancerProbs Part II

Back when I was just dabbling with blogging a couple of years ago, I posted ‘#DancerProbs Part I’ – a post with my first 5 problems that dancers encounter in everyday life. And with so many #dancerprobs out there, it seemed only right to do another post…this may even turn into a little series, you never know! And shout out to Graham Hebron for the images – they’re a couple of years old now, but he wanted a dancer project in his portfolio, and I had a studio, so… 🙊

6. Choreographing to Every Song On Your Phone

The best time to create is when you’re NOT TRYING to plan something, so often for me that happens when I’m out on a walk. Or driving to work. The latter is much more annoying – has anyone else tried voguing whilst driving on winding country roads? Don’t. 🙈


7. Bad pirouette days

It’s totally a thing. I don’t know why, but it is! Sometimes you just can’t turn well, regardless of the amount of effort you put into your technique , or the amount of times you try to correct/alter what you’re doing. And it can be INFURIATING! 

8. Dancing Down Supermarket Aisles

I have to say I haven’t found myself doing it as much recently, perhaps because I’m the sensible one in our relationship and have to keep Ed in check when HE skips down the aisles, salad bag and shower gel swinging in hand. I did it a lot when I was at college though. And often, I wasn’t alone, it was an entire group effort – yes, sometimes we got in people’s way or our trollies accidentally collided – but I’m sure a bit of entertainment by the frozen veg is exactly what the people of Sidcup wanted, right? 😂 


9. Waking Up With Mysterious bruises 

Again, less common for me now – I teach more therefore I dance less, so any bruises I DO get, I have a pretty good idea where they come from. But back in the day, you’ll wake up to bruises on strange parts of your body with no idea where they came from. The most juicy, recent bruise I had (a few months back now) was on the shoulder…and I wasn’t the only one. Sorry gals. Bring your pillows next time we try shoulder freezes 😂

10. Relaxing Your Smile When You Turn Away From the Audience

It makes me feel bad, but sometimes it’s necessary! If you’ve never tried smiling for a long period of time, try it. It’s painful! On stage, after months of grueling rehearsals the pain in your face can be a good distraction from the pain in your arms or quads or calves perhaps, especially when your cheeks start shaking from being fixed in that position for so long. But that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant! I don’t like dropping character on stage, even if I AM facing the backdrop, but if it’s between that and getting facial twitches (they happen if it’s fixed for too long) mid kick line…

Stay tuned, there’ll be more dancer probs posts to come, as well as some ‘new home’ and wedding planning posts!

Lynette x (3)

Theatre Stories – Volume 1…

I actually wrote this a year ago. It was supposed to be part of another post I was writing, but when that post ended up too long, I split it up. And what remains, is a story. Theatre Story No. 1.

The theatre is a wonderful place. We go to escape, to have fun, to enjoy, to learn, to blow off steam – and I believe all of those are applicable either side of the curtain. Seeing a performance can be a magical experience; it can take you away from the rain outside, or your crappy day at work, from sad times or stressful times.
Though, as I’ve pointed out previously, things don’t always go perfectly, which is why I always find it so enjoyable when someone tells me a story of something going wrong. Not to sneer at the misfortune of others *cue MT lovers singing Avenue Q’s ‘Schadenfraude’*, but rather because things technically SHOULDN’T go wrong (because of the amount of rehearsal). So when they do, it’s rare. It’s funny. And I’ve been involved in so many myself, it’s also good to know you’re not alone! I’ll give you an example:

Throwback to 13 months ago, and HSAP’s Legally Blonde, at Harrogate Theatre. It’s opening night and the start of Act 2.

Now, in this production, we had a gauze (a mesh curtain, which usually has some kind of logo/artwork on it). When the stage is lit, it’s transparent, you can see set/actors behind it. When it’s not lit, it’s more translucent – you can’t see through it clearly, but shapes of people are still visible. The opening of Act 2 in Legally Blonde is ‘Whipped Into Shape’, and we were pre-set behind the gauze. Now, because of it’s transparent/translucent nature, as soon as you’re pre-set behind it, there’s no going back. No moving.
On opening night, some wires got crossed somewhere – we got told to pre-set, then AFTER this call, it turned out that there were still some audience members in the bathroom.
So picture this. The 10 of us stood in our pre-set positions. And bearing in mind the beginning of the song is a workout video, we weren’t just ‘stood’. Oh no. We were in various hench work out positions (lunges, squats etc), and, as I’m sure you have either experienced or can imagine, not the most enjoyable thing to hold for an extended amount of time.

But of course, we had to hold it. No going back seeing as it was a gauze rather than a curtain! How long did we hold it for? More than a couple of minutes, I can tell you that. I could see the other girls out of the corner of my eye, shaking, from holding the position for so long, slowly (so as not to be seen by the audience) trying to stretch their legs or bend their arms because of cramp.

The following night, a member of the stage crew confirmed that we were stood there for 7 minutes. 7. MINUTES. I’ve never held a lunge for so long in my life. And don’t plan on doing it ever again.

Moral of that story? Always triple check with the person on the book (the superstar that calls the whole show, sits with headphone on and tells everyone what to do), that you can pre-set on stage. Which I did for the rest of the run. And probably became quite annoying. Sorry Liz. But as much as I love a good lunge or squat, I wasn’t prepared to hold it for 5 minutes in front if hundreds of people every night that week. Mind you, it’d have probably been quite good for me 🍑

Theatre Stories, Volume 1 – done.

Lynette x (3)