Hi, thanks for visiting, where to start?!

My name is Lynette, a 20-something-year-old from North Yorkshire. I work as a dancer, dance tutor and choreographer, and use my corner of the internet to blog all things lifestyle – including a lot of wedding posts (find links to all of The Wedding Series here) because I married my best friend in May 2019! ❤️

I’ve led a fairly theatrical life, which took me to London to train in dance and musical theatre in 2011. After graduating, I spent a year living by myself in a small studio in Hammersmith…and I was miserable. I thought that London was where I wanted to be, but when I hated it so much and it started to affect my mental health, I had to do something about it.
So I moved back to Yorkshire, landed myself some fab teaching jobs, and have never looked back! My passion for teaching only increases as I spend more time with amazing kids and colleagues, and I still get the chance to do bits of dance work from time to time too.

I love the theatre, a cheeky Five Guys, fresh flowers, cake and murder mysteries.
Winter is my favourite season, a countryside walk is the best way to chill me out, and I’m a Just Strong Ambassador!

I also have a vlog!
I’m always around on my Instagram and Twitter, so feel free to check in with me there 😊

Enough of the intros, onto the posts – enjoy reading!

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