These are always awks so we’re just gonna go ahead and get the random introduction out of the way! Hi, my name is Lynette, I’m 20 something and from the gorgeous town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire.


I spent 2011-2016 in London (cue ‘boo’ing or ‘woop’ing, dependent on your location as you read this). I was there simply because that’s where my training led me. I’ve danced from the age of five and always knew it was what I wanted to do. So, after A-Levels, I up-rooted from my lovely little bubble of Knaresborough and headed down to the Big Smoke. I spent four of the best years of my life training at Bird College in Sidcup, with some of the most talented and inspirational teachers and choreographers; before holding my breath and moving even closer to central London, to Hammersmith.

unnamed (1)

A year after the move, I turned on my heel and came running back to my lovely little town. London didn’t make me happy. At all. And you’ve got to do what makes you happy, right? Regardless of the original plan. I’m glad I spent that year living by myself in the city, but I got to come back to my home, to my family, to my friends – and most excitingly, a brand new job that I adore. And I’m HAPPY.

Now, I’m part of the teaching faculty at three separate schools/academies, as well as doing the odd bit of freelance teaching or performance work too. And d’you know what, I couldn’t be happier. I’m able to do what I always wanted to, and finally, work doesn’t feel like work. And that’s the dream, right? It doesn’t feel like a chore. I get paid to do what I love!IMG_1118

I had a million people ask if I was going to start a blog when I first came back in 2016, and I umm’d and ahh’d about it for a long time. I finally decided, let’s just go for it. Why not? I went a while at the start of 2018 with very few posts because of a lack of spare time, so got out of the habit.

Following a good old Insta poll, I’ve re-branded my blog and am set up to write about whatever tickles my fancy now…not just dance! Stay tuned

Lynette x

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