New House? New Stuff!

Okay, so one of THE MOST fun things about moving house, is BUYING NEW PRETTY THINGS! Obviously 😉 We moved from an old flat with tons of character (and BEAMS, I love beams), into a house that’s less than a year old, which is really bright and light and totally empty. Which meant – RE-STYLE!!! We both wanted a nice clean and light home to settle down in, so we decided to keep the interior mainly white, cream and grey. That way, we have a nice blank canvas to work from when it comes to furnishings and decor.

I LOVE our new home, and after months of waiting to move in (and therefore months of browsing for ideas online), when we were finally in a position to furnish –  I was LOVING life! And still am 😊 So here we go:

Stacking Tables – Wayfair

I know these made it to my last post, but I LOVE them, so had to include them again! We hadn’t seen anything similar anywhere else, especially not in ROSE GOLD! 😍


Trinket Dish – Next

I saw this a good month before we moved out of the flat, but when it was Rose Gold AND marble… I couldn’t resist, and bought it straight away! (Then it sat in a box for 6 weeks)!


Floor Light – IKEA

We knew we wanted a fancy floor light for the living room, and didn’t go to IKEA with the intention of buying – but we saw this and HAD to buy it (when DOESN’T that happen at IKEA, let’s face it 😂). I wish I could capture it better, but you get the idea!


Aloe Vera – IKEA

Now this we DID go with the intention of buying. We wanted some greenery to freshen the place up and knew we could get some in the Market Place when we were already there buying furniture. This sits in the bathroom and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t invest in house plants sooner!


Mason Jars – Etsy

These were in my favourites for monthssss before purchasing, so I was so excited when I finally got my desk/dressing table sorted and I could buy these! Can you tell I love MARBLE AND ROSE GOLD yet? 🙊


Leaner Mirror – Wayfair

(Image from website).
I’d seen a lot of these large leaner mirrors on Insta and really liked them,
so got searching, and happened across this one…I waited until it was reduced,
and got it ordered! 


Shoe Rack – Amazon

This is a BRILLIANT idea, I found it a year or so ago to put at the back of our wardrobe/cupboard in the flat (it was almost a second bedroom)! And when we moved, I ordered another! It comes totally deconstructed, which means you can build it and click it together in any design you want. In the flat, it was a cuboid block of 12, now as you can see, it fits perfectly in our under stairs cupboard.


Bluebells Canvas – Etsy

We decided we wanted a nice natural canvas, so knowing how much of a good experience I’ve had with Etsy, we headed to their website. There’s lots of gorgeous canvases on there, but this is the one we went with.


Desk/Dressing Table – Various

The desk and drawers are from IKEA, mirror from Dunelm, Chair from Wayfair, canvas from Matalan, cushion from Amazon, and you’ve already seen the mason jars and trinket dish 😊 I love this little set up! Ed’s desk is much more manly, so I had to make my side of the room pretty 😊


If you’ve got any fave home furnishings, what are they? Or is there anything you think I need to invest in? Let me know in the comments!

Lynette x (3)


27 thoughts on “New House? New Stuff!

  1. Ahhh so many things that I like here!! I think the Aloe vera was a great choice, I probably would’ve gone for those and/or succulents! Those little things are so cute 🙂 I also love the mason jars!! I’m one who would try to attempt to DIY those in order to save money 🤣 and it would probably not end well! You’ve got such lovely things for your flat, Lynette!


      1. Thank you so much 😍 it looks really good with little items in it to!!!


  2. i LOVE how you’ve styled everything. The alex drawers that you feature in the last photo have been a life saver for me. I use them for my ever growing makeup collection and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I am going to have to check out those etsy mason jars, i’ve been on the hunt for new ones for my makeup brushes! you guys must be so excited to have a new home to decorate for christmas for the first time. ahhh i know i’d be over the moon.

    mich /


  3. Love your style! Etsy definitely has great landscape pairings to choose from! We got my mom a lighthouse one year for Christmas. She loves it! Great post and good luck in the new place!


  4. Lynette how gorgeous is the color palette for your new house?! Congratulations on your new house, it’s always exciting to live in a new place and try new things😍. We’re moving next year and I’m excited about putting new things in my room. I really like the marble-rose gold mason jars you found from Etsy, extremely cute for the beauty tools.

    Natonya |


  5. Buying new things is definitely one of the more fun things about moving. There are many negative or frustrating things about moving but it’s great to look at one of the positives!

    Matt –


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