The 3 Products That Cleared Up My Skin

I’ve always hated my skin.

I’ve always been prone to spots, and deep pores on my nose, even now in my mid twenties. When I was a teenager I always thought I’d become an adult, and they’d magically disappear (and was quite disappointed when that didn’t happen). But 9 months ago, I happened across the first product I’m going to talk about, that started to change my life (a drastic statement perhaps, but I’m sure anyone else who’s unhappy with their skin can relate to how much it knocks your confidence and/or is an embarrassment).

I really wish that I’d known about these products a few years ago and I’m hoping that by sharing this, I may help someone who feels the same as I used to!

Because here I am, with my skin in the best condition it’s ever been in, and genuinely happy! So I just had to share my miracle products.

No. 1 – Dermalogica Clear Start Toner


I’d just done a dance gig, and as part of the ‘thankyou’ present, had been given a voucher for Harvey Nics. Now, you don’t have to know me well to guess I’m not a die hard Harvey Nics shopper, so I really wasn’t sure what to do with the voucher I’d been gifted. It was coming up to Christmas and I knew Ed was going to be working away from home, so thought, why not treat myself to some fancy smellies for those long nights in alone (that are a bit pricier and not things I’d ordinarily buy). So I did just that. I bought a yummy smelling shower gel and also – Dermalogica’s Clear Start Toner. And this is what’s changed my life.

Within a couple of weeks of using it, I saw a noticeable difference in the amount of spots I was getting – and it’s the same now. I’m still yet to find a superhero product to prevent or quickly get rid of those big, under the skin spots (that hurt like a mother!) that I get when I’m stressed…but on the whole, my skin has improved MASSIVELY. It’s £17 plus P&P, so is by no means the cheapest treatment out there, but after at least 10 years of hating my skin, trying all the affordable products out there and getting nowhere…I don’t really care. Because you can’t put a price on confidence.

No. 2 – Biore Charcoal Cleanser


A new purchase that I bought from Amazon. The Clear Start toner had turned into a staple to combat breakouts, but I still hadn’t found a product to minimize my pours. At £3.50 I thought there wasn’t much to lose – and I’m so glad I did, because I’ve fallen in love! It leaves my skin so smooth and it really has helped minimize my pores, particularly on my nose – I can actually SEE a difference! And that’s the first time I’ve ever SEEN a difference when using a blackhead/pore product. It’s also got menthol as one of the ingredients, so it leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated, and a little bit tingly 😊

No. 3 – Bio Oil


I’ve mentioned Bio Oil previously in Adult Life Hacks Part I, but I have to say it again. And, as I said then, full credit to Ed for introducing me to it! I’ve been using it on spot scars for a good year or so now, and whilst you don’t see overnight results, it really does help clear up redness. Which, along with the other products I’ve mentioned, has really improved my skin confidence.

Full disclosure, I’ve recently changed my diet a little too, and eliminated processed foods from my life…I’m pretty sure that’s been the cherry on top of the face clearing cake!

Before now, I’d never have left home without makeup on. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t put lashes, lippy and bronzer on just to pop to get some milk, but I would have never been seen dead outdoors without AT LEAST some concealer.

NOW, I can just get up and go! I do still wear makeup most of the time anyway, but feeling I have the OPTION for the first time in my life is amazing. And don’t get me wrong, my skin isn’t perfect, but when the change has been so significant, I HAD to share my experience with these products with you all!

If anyone has any questions about the products or miracle products of their own, please feel free to share below!

Lynette x (3)

28 thoughts on “The 3 Products That Cleared Up My Skin

  1. I’ve been dealing with a terrible breakout recently. I do agree that processed foods play a part on clearing the skin but it’s hard to give up. I hope you can share tips on your diet too sometime. Great post!


    1. Totally agree, it was hard to cut them out…but I was replacing them with similar, natural/healthy alternatives, so it wasn’t that bad! I always knew eating better made your skin better, but after actually trying it and seeing results, it’s much more incentive to lay off the crisps 🙊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post Lynette! My skin recently started freaking out due to hormones, loads of bumpy spots under the skin, not ideal! It’s not perfect now by any means but it’s improved loads by cutting down on dairy products, and I have been using a (sort of pricey) product by Paula’s choice- 2% salicylic acid skin perfecting liquid and it’s been amazing! Maybe have a look and give the travel size one a go! I think I’m definitely gonna try the toner in your post! Hope you’re good! Xx


    1. Aww thankyou lovely! Oooo I might have a look into that, thankyou! Yeh defo try the toner, it’s preventative more than anything else, but a spritz in the morning and at night and it’s made a massive difference! I’m great thanks gorgeous girlie, hope you are too! 😊 xx


  3. I tried the Biore Charcoal stuff but found it really cheap and didn’t like it on my skin. I genuinely feel the more expensive brands work better for me personally. I literally love my skincare routine now 💗💗💗

    Well written post though love!


      1. Absolutely. I’m a beauty therapist and nail technician so it’s taken me a super long time to find some really lovely products for my skin. I’m loving the body shop right now and hot cloth cleansers have my name all over them! x


  4. Congrats on finding products that work for you! With so many options out there, it can be so hard to narrow down the ones that actually get you results!


  5. I am too in my mid twenties and am still magically waiting for my skin to go clear now that I am an adult. I think I need to try that charcoal cleanser from amazon because I too suffer from deep open pores especially on my nose.


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