The Most Fun Things About Starting to Plan Your Wedding

So whether you’ve just gotten engaged, have been engaged for a while, are married and are feeling nostalgic, or single and just curious…this post is for you! Getting engaged is such an incredibly special time, and is exciting in sooooo many ways! There’s a lot of love flying round and when it was such a big part of our lives, it seemed only right to share with you lovely lot 😊

Being a Princess 👸🏻

Whether you’re trying on sparkly jewellery, walking round a Manor House, meeting vendors or the big one, trying on wedding dresses – it’s all just utterly magical. You’ve imagined how it might be for years, so you can’t believe it’s actually happening – it feels like a fairytale!

Admiring your ring at every opportunity 💍

It feels so weird (and very grown up) to have something on that finger, and 6 months later, I still find myself playing with it. FULL CREDIT to Ed for picking the most gorgeous ring ever, I’ve been in love with it since I clapped eyes on it, and will be for the rest of my life. Cringe? Maybe, maybe not. But this is a wedding post, if you weren’t expecting a bit of mush then…well I don’t have any words, because mush is GOING to happen! 😂 Please feel free to click close now if you don’t want mushiness. Because there will be more 😉


Getting special Wedding Planners 📚

I’m super organised anyway, so this is SO FUN. I actually have two different books, plus a checklist on my iPad (I’m totally ON THIS 😂), and they’re a great way of:
a) The obvious one, planning (Guest List, Colour Scheme, Vendor details etc.)
b) Scribbling down potential ideas (that may come to nothing, but are good to have: signature cocktail, signage ideas, decor thoughts, etc.)
c) Noting down special meetings, dates or thoughts, to look back on in years to come.

Plus they include fun pages! One of mine includes ‘Our Wedding Guest Predictions’ (where we can guess who’ll cry the most, who’ll be the first on the dance floor, and who’s most likely to be found at the buffet). They also include space to write your vows (if you’re doing your own), plan your fitness regime (if you want to do one) and a colouring page, for when you’re mega stressed and need to chilllll.

Seeing beautiful venues 🏰

This was our first port of call when it came to planning, and it’s a bit of a surreal experience…
You get to see beautiful places, gorgeous grounds, get treated like royalty (because everywhere you view wants your dolla)! We thoroughly enjoyed our venue viewing experience, not just for those reasons, but it was the first time it was actually ‘real’. And the love is allllllll around 😊

Browsing on Pinterest 📸

I can’t believe how much you can find on there! My favourite thing has been to put in our wedding’s colour scheme and get ideas for venue decor, flowers, cake design…the list is potentially endless with so many things on there!

Following Wedding Dress Boutiques on Instagram 👰🏻

I’ve never Insta stalked as much as I have on the Bridal Factory Outlet‘s account. Before I got my dress, it was just amazing to get ideas and get wrapped up in wedding-ness. Now, it’s a comparison game, and basically thinking everything is mediocre compared to yours (in the least horrible way possible I might add!)… there are SOOOO many gorgeous dresses out there, but surely, if you’re still falling in love with other dresses, your dress isn’t YOUR dress. So, the feeling of ‘well it’s lovely, but not amazing’ is just a sign that the dress you bought really is ‘the one’. Which by the way, I thought was just a turn of phrase. Until I put mine on. And now I can totally vouch for the fact that it’s not, and ‘the one’ is a genuine thing.


Starting to Check Things off your to do list 📝

I mean, I love a checklist anyway, but when your wedding checklist is SO long (I had no idea how much there was to do until I started planning, there’s so many things you wouldn’t think of), it feels good to start making a dent in it.

Browsing through etsy 💻

Until I started planning, I had no clue about the amazing-ness of Etsy! For ANYTHING, not just wedding decor, stationery and gift ideas, there’s THOUSANDS of things on there! Things you’ll never have known existed, let alone thought of before; and what’s best, is that you’re supporting small businesses (more on this another time)!

Being in an engagement bubble with your beloved 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

The first month or so of our engagement became a whirlwind: we were running out of room in the fridge because it was full of Prosecco (#priorities) and everything in life seemed to have a shimmery haze around it, just because there was so much LOVE flying around! It’s almost cringey, and almost movie script worthy, but it really is such a special time, and I had no idea how magical (and insane!) it was going to be. Plus, I had NO idea that Ed was going to propose, so it took quite a while to actually believe it was happening! I was speechless that day (which has NEVER happened before), and I really struggled to be sociable at our celebratory meal that evening with my parents 😂


Wedding plans have been put on hold for now (we’re distracted with work and moving), but all the BIG things that need booking way in advance, have been done! Which is VERY exciting! More on these another time…

If anyone has any fun planning memories or something they’re looking forward to, please feel free to share below!

Lynette x (3)

47 thoughts on “The Most Fun Things About Starting to Plan Your Wedding

      1. I would love to start a wedding board but I think a future husband to be could be a little freaked out. I guess I could keep it hidden and secret though? Yeah! xx


  1. First thing is that your ring is gorgeous! I’m not engaged but I was recently a bridesmaid and I loved helping out with the planning of the wedding, it can be stressful but it also look really fun! Great post x


  2. What a lovely Saturday morning read!! Many congratulations!! I am newly married and did all things planning on my own for our small wedding. The one thing I am so very happy I did… Made arrangements to have my wedding bouquet turned into a glass paperweight. Gasp, it is amazing and I am obsessed. It is all magical! All of the feels from your post returned and I wish you the very BEST DAY EVER!! xoxo, Michelle 👰🏻


  3. This was such a fun post to read! I honestly can’t wait to get married (not for a long time lol I’m only sixteen), but ever since I was little, wedding dresses, the venues and rings have always excited me so much!! Guess I’m a very girly girl in that sense – a princess wedding is exactly what I want!! Can’t wait to see more of your wedding posts, those wedding planners make me wanna get organised!😂

    Soph |


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed, thankyou! Eeeee I know, there’s so many princess moments! I said it to somebody else, but there’d be no harm in starting a little Pinterest board now… no one would to know… 😉 🙊 x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely post Lynette, thanks for sharing. Your ring is beautiful, I bet it can be really stressful planning a wedding but try to embrace it as well as you can. It’ll be worth it! X


  5. I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful wedding though at this time it’s not my priority yet 😅 but it seems fun to plan out your wedding. Congratulations to you guys ❤️


  6. Ahhh I love this and I’m so excited to start planning! I’ve just been writing up our proposal so now it’s time to get down to guest lists etc! It’s a few years away so I’m going to make sure I really love the planning aspect


    1. Ahhhhhhh congratulations! Isn’t it the most exciting time?! Looking forward to seeing some of your wedding related posts too 😊 I’ve not actually seen another wedding planning one yet so it’ll be really interesting to read! X


  7. Beautiful couple!! Congrats! My sister is getting married in October and it’s amazing to help her plan her wedding and see how much she loves the entire process. Not to mention moving in together and decorating your new home together. You will be a beautiful bride! 🙂


  8. I had so many planners when preparing for my wedding, in the end I stuck to one which was the anti brides wedding planner. I agree with your Pinterest and Etsy addiction there is so much out there and great unique ideas you can find weddings. I also bought loads of hand made things from Etsy to make my day a little special. Hope your planning continues to go well when work calms down for you.
    Kate x


  9. I feel like I’m not gonna have the first idea of where to start when it finally comes to planning my wedding so I’ll bare this post in mind when it happens one day! Your ring is absolutely stunning!! x


    1. Get googling, there’s loads of checklist and timeline ideas out there…that’s what I did, then created my own list from that. Browsing on Pinterest helps to get inspiration too, but definitely get to a Wedding Fayre if you can! Congratulations and thankyou so much! X


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