Hitting the Reset Button

It’s amazing how calming a walk in nature can be. Ed and I have had very little time to ourselves recently, and even less time together (apart from the general living together things). Any free time I’ve had has been spent thinking about or planning for whatever’s coming up next…classes, workshops, Showcase in October, and trying to be more proactive with blogging…

…which is fine, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times, I love my job and I’m incredibly lucky with everything that’s going on right now…but that doesn’t mean that sometimes it can get on top of me and I feel I need to take a step back. As we all do. I think that switching off is so important (and healthy!), and we should all try and make a conscious effort, if we can, to allow ourselves time to breathe (even if that just means a short walk, cinema trip or bubble bath).


The other day, Ed and I took ourselves on a walk. The main reason being, we have our engagement shoot coming up and we needed to scout out some locations – which is exciting! But it turned into a two birds one stone situation – it was such a calm and peaceful afternoon, and I hadn’t realised until we were down by the river, how much I needed it. And actually, how much we both needed it, the man is amazing, but has been so busy and hasn’t had a day to himself for too long for so many reasons – and obviously, I want to make sure that he has some proper time off and doesn’t burn out, so I think we (accidentally) planned it just at the right time.


For anyone needing to switch off, I can’t recommend a walk enough. It was a warm, sunny day, we (miraculously, I’m not sure how though on a Sunday afternoon on Knaresborough’s waterside) avoided the crowds! Crowds would’ve probably made us even more stressed 😂

Obviously we took some pictures, but ignoring our phones, switching off and just being in our own little world for a couple of hours, was so refreshing.

I think that Ed summed it up beautifully as we were walking home – it was the perfect reset button. A chance to take time just with each other, to chat, laugh take stock of what we’ve got and just chill out.


I’ve always loved walks, even as a kid (the Rents got me and my brother walking boots for the amount of walks we went on, THAT’S how into it we were!), and I really don’t do them enough these days – especially knowing how therapeutic they can be. 

We had a gorgeous afternoon, and if you live in Knaresborough, don’t forget about the amazing things we have on our doorstep… We’re all guilty of doing it (us included!), but we get so caught up with life and adulting that we forget that the river’s a 5 minute walk away, or we could go and stroll around the Castle with a Brymor’s Icecream.


Can I make an August resolution? 😂 MORE WALKS PLEASE! Because I just can’t get over how much good it did me.

Anyone else got any ‘ultimate chill and reset’ ideas?! Feel free to share!

Lynette x (3)



28 thoughts on “Hitting the Reset Button

  1. So happy I read this today! I love walking so much!!! (Recently got the asthma tho) I always make reasons why I need to do other things and push off the walk. You inspired me and I will be going out there today!! Thank you and many congratulations on your engagement !! I just got married a little over one year ago. BEST.DAY.EVER.
    xoxo Michelle 🌷


    1. This was such a lovely comment to read! Knowing a post has had a positive impact is amazing, hope you enjoy your walk! And congratulations! I’m so excited but still can’t believe I’m old enough to be doing it…I still feel 16 some days 😂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This made me smile and laugh too!!
        I also felt 16 on many days of my planning!! So exciting!! I got married for the first time at 49!! Turned 50 then honeymoon all in about six months!! You will love everything about all of it!! Look into “Chatbooks App” I made little six by six hard cover books for the family and wedding party. Super cute and inexpensive. Going out now!🏃🏼‍♀️


  2. Even if it’s just a quickie around the block, or a several hour long hike… Walks are honestly my favorite things. I can’t take them often thanks to creaky joints and crappy health issues, but I love them so much. Glad you got the chance to take one and relax a bit!


      1. My advice? Find a time of day when you’re usually bored anyways- and instead of letting yourself wallow on the sofa (or whatever you do when you’re bored), just go for a quick bout around the block instead- if the weather’s nice out… It’s what I used to do when I was healthier and could go on walks more often. Getting a camera helped spur me into doing it more often, too, because I always wanted to go out and photograph more… But those are expensive and not everyone likes photography, lol.


      2. That’s always the stick, ain’t it? You always want to make all the coll life changes when you’re busy- then when you’re not busy anymore all you want to do is veg out… So nothing ever gets changed 😂


  3. That was a refreshing post! You’re so right we need all need a reset and walking is perfect! You’re a beautiful couple! Great photos! Great blog! Great work!


  4. Totally agree about walking as a reset! Whenever I’m struggling with something in my life, whether that be a big decision or a bad day, I always take myself on a walk to think about it. 9/10 I come home having fixed the problem and feeling so much better as a result.

    -pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com xo


  5. I agree that taking a walk is the perfect way to relax. Me and my partner really enjoy going to our local Forrest and going for a walk especially in the autumn time. It’s such a nice way to just switch off and spend time together as a couple.
    Charlotte | charlotteshares.co.uk


  6. Loved reading this 💕 I am in the mood now for a nice walk. Your blog is beautiful. I am looking forward to reading your posts 😁 So happy I found your blog 💕


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