Hayfever Hacks

Now, I know my last but one post was titled ‘Adult Life Hacks’, but I like alliteration, so ‘Hayfever Hacks’ it is 😊 When you’re not a hayfever sufferer, you must think ‘it’s just a runny nose/sneezing, you can get over it’…but it really does have a massive effect. You feel all stuffy all of the time, and you just can’t relax and enjoy your day/evening/BBQ/beer garden. I’m writing this post in the hope that at least one of the items helps at least one person – because I know how crappy it can make your summer.


With all the heat we’ve had recently, of course, that’s come hand in hand with a high (if not VERY high!) pollen count. I can’t take hayfever tablets anymore because they interrupt the absorption of the every day drugs I have to pop, so I’ve had to do my research.

The main problems I encounter are itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, generally feeling stuffy (like a mild cold), and (the weird one?), the back of the roof of my mouth gets REALLY itchy 🤔


Following research and field experiments (almost literally 😂), I bring you Lynette’s 5 Hayfever Hacks:


1. Sterimar Nasal Spray for Hayfever and Allergies.

I know, nasal sprays aren’t the most appealing things, but I wouldn’t have continued to use it and mention it on here if I didn’t swear by it. This one is made of all natural ingredients (the main one being sea water!), which is perfect for me as it won’t interrupt anything; it’s free from steroids, drugs and preservatives. You use it 2 to 6 times a day, and have the option of doing a regular ‘spritz’ or intense ‘spritz’. The more intense one has you at a 90 degree angle, inserting the nozzle righttt up your nose and turning the spritz into a constant spray for a few seconds. I haven’t been brave enough to try this one yet, but the regular, short spritz has been ample for me. And I found it on Amazon!



2. Vaseline.

I’ve seen it suggested for years, but could never face putting Vaseline anywhere NEAR my nostrils. BUT, desperate times and all that, and I gave it a go this year. And it helped! I didn’t do it during the day (a petroleum nose is NOT the highlighter you see suggested on beauty blogs), I did it when I went to bed. Even though pollen’s less intense at 1am, we’re on the third floor (and pollen rises like heat, according to my fiancé), we’re opposite a load of trees and flowers and grass, so hayfever can interrupt my sleep. Not so much with the Vaseline!


3. Optrex Soothing Eyedrops for Itchy Eyes.

Does what it says on the tin. If your eyes are itchy, pop a couple of drops on each eye and they won’t be itchy anymore 👍🏻


4. Shower.

Obviously. But if you’ve been outside for a while, especially in heavily pollinated areas, ditch the clothes, get in the shower and have a wash (including your hair). It washes the pollen off and leaves you feeling much more fresh for settling down for the evening.


5. Local Honey.

Again, I’ve heard it suggested for years, but I’d never tried it before this year. Both Ed and I have been using it, and we’ve both noticed a difference. They recommend having a teaspoon a day, and I took this literally to start off with. It wasn’t the best, not gonna lie…it’s sticky and grainy and quite intense get down. Ed’s taken to adding a spoonful to his morning coffee, and I think that’s a much better idea 😂



As I said, they may not work for everyone, but knowing the discomfort pollen can bring, I hope it helps someone!

If you have any other natural remedies for hayfever, feel free to share below!

Lynette x (3)

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