10 Things You Don’t Miss About Show Week…

Whilst any and every show week is amazing fun, of course there are going to be SOME negatives (as I guess there are with many things in life). Not major things, just teeny details here and there that you don’t miss now it’s over. I’ll give you some Rock Of Ages examples:

  • Having nightmares about missing an entrance.
    Mainly those following a mega mega quick change.
  • The stairs.
    I’m sorry Harrogate Theatre, I love you, and it probably did WONDERS for our backsides – but the AMOUNT of stairs backstage is crazy. And not fun, particularly when you have to do a quick run around from one side of the stage to the other. Anyone else trip up/down stairs at least once that week? 🙋‍♀️
  • Dancing in your head when you should be sleeping.
    Which can be rather counter productive, when you need to be sleeping more from all the energy you’ve been using. Dancing. 

Photo Credit: Bob McLennan

  • Being scared of sliding off the stage into someone’s lap.
    Harrogate Theatre’s stage has a very steep rake, and the Rock of Ages band wasn’t in the pit as usual, they were on stage with us… So, no band in the pit = if I slide/pirouette off, I’m sliding right into the lap of this person in front of me. I’m not kidding, there was maybe a meter between us, which in a small theatre, you’d expect, but it was a weird feeling in a bigger theatre…
  • Mic tape that doesn’t stick because of the sweat.
    I don’t think this one needs any explaining…
  • (Another mic related one)… Having to untie your boyfriend’s mic belt.
    Yeh. Picture it now. A thin piece of fabric belt, twisted round itself, horribly knotted, and nice and sweaty. Can’t say it was my favourite part of the evening…
  • Finding glitter still on random parts of your body days after the last show.
    It just gets everywhere. Even if it’s not on you, you’ve washed all of it off…if it’s on a piece of clothing, bag, shoes – it WILL find it’s way back onto your skin.

Photo Credit: Bob McLennan

  • Sky high anxiety levels about falling off a rickety chair.
    Because I nearly stacked it in the dress rehearsal, I had a mini heart attack.
  • The pressure of remembering to take off the suitcase, so the pyro (fireworks) goes off.
    Yes. Who’s job was it? And who forgot on opening night? 🙈 I held my hands up of course, and for fear of my fate if I forgot again, made sure I always took it off.
  • Having to ‘under dress’ costumes for quick changes, meaning you end up with about 4 layers on at once.
    Which to dance in, feels like 👇


There are definitely more, but I’ll save those for another time…
Feel free to like if you can relate, or comment with any more that you’ve experienced… I love hearing little stories like this 😊

Lynette x (3)

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