Meet Stacee…

As promised, today I bring you our resident Sex God! In the words of Lonny – “Ladies love him. Guys want to BE him! And his band? Well they hate his guts.” …You get the idea.19988875_10155656553598013_1923918421_nName:
Alex Bradbury-Hall

Character name:
Stacee Jaxx

Tell me a bit about your character:
Rock god with an unmatched sex appeal.

Favourite song in the show and why:
‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’. It’s a beautiful song.

Favourite dance move in the show:
My hip thrusts.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
Falling backwards in the middle of a death scene.

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
Seeing Starlight Express in Germany.

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:
‘Cause it’s gunna be awesome! Plus the songs are incredible and the hair is ridiculous.


Alex was the first one to send back his questionnaire and I told him he got gold star. I don’t joke about gold stars. So here it is bro… 😂

Lynette x
CLICK HERE for tickets or visit Harrogate Theare’s Box Office.18582257_10155461926093013_446088381823386521_n

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