Meet Dennis…

(To quote Lonny) – …”the most bad ass bar owner this side of…ANYWHERE! Meet Dennis Dupree!”

Howard Corrin

Character name:
Dennis Dupree

A bit about your character:
He’s an old rocker that now owns a whiskey bar on The Strip. He wishes after the glory days but knows his time is past. Now he just tries to scrape a living keeping his dream alive through his bar, The Bourbon.

Favourite song in the show and why:
‘I Can’t Fight This Feelin’ because it’s a fantastic character acting bit of tunage 🙂

Favourite dance move in the show:
Where I sit on my bar stool at my bar and wave a glass of whiskey in the air in time to the music. Good times.

Most embarrassing moment ever on stage:
Never had one. I’m always ready…. always ready…..

Favourite pastime out of theatre:
Console gaming. Got loads of consoles right back to PS1

Why you should come and see HSAP’s RoA:
Because it’s a right good laugh with cracking pace and awesome, classic rock tunage from back in the 80s when I were a lad!


Thankyou Howy for that. Next week, you get to meet our resident Rock God…

Lynette x

CLICK HERE for tickets, or visit Harrogate Theatre’s Box Office.18582257_10155461926093013_446088381823386521_n

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