Welcome to HSAP…


So this is a little different for me, as for the next few months, my blog posts won’t be my usual personal ones… I’ve been asked to blog for Harrogate St Andrew’s Player’s and their upcoming production of Rock Of Ages! Which is exciting!

So first things first, WELCOME to those visiting my blog for the first time, and welcome back to those who’ve followed me previously…this may be a little different for you.

I’ll start by introducing you to the company (which gets a little less chilled in tone, but there’s no other way to do it):
HSAP was founded in 1969 and has since produced fantastic shows each year in the Harrogate area, the majority of which have been held at Harrogate Theatre. From the first production of ‘No No Nanette’ to last year’s ‘Legally Blonde’, the company has treated audiences to a wide variety of Musical Theatre genres, all to a very high standard. And I think my fellow company members will agree with me whole heartedly when I say our Director/Choreographer, Louise Denison and Musical Director, Jim Lunt, are to thank for that. Which, I am going to back up with a quote from the website (#SoPro, finally those essays and dissertation are coming in use!) (‘:

‘Their talent and expertise have seen the standards of song and dance reach new levels of success within the society, which has encouraged many young people to develop and enjoy the experience of appearing on the stage.’

1222371_origProduction image from ‘Showstoppers’, 2011 at Harrogate Royal Hall

Totally agree with that. My first show was High School Musical in 2010, followed by Footloose (2010) and Showstopper’s (2011). The experience was incredible, experience I hadn’t gotten anywhere else. I genuinely missed it when I went away to train, and after 5 years away, I’m officially back and PROUD to be a member again. It’s a fun yet hard and professional working environment (which obviously, I love). Our behind the scenes team are amazing, and Louise and Jim…what can I say? I’ve learned so much from both and will be forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with them.Β 

Soppiness aside now, because our current show is far from it! (Yes, it has a love story, but how soppy can a show set to the best 80’s Anthems be?) I LOVE Rock of Ages, always have, so I was in my element when the show was announced as our next production! We’re about a month into rehearsals and finished up our second floor rehearsal on Tuesday. As a cast member, I can’t really tell you that it looks amazing – coz I can’t see when I’m head-banging away…but it FEELS amazing. So I reckon we’re in for a good-un!

19437600_10155596158233013_6178575088022587229_nPhoto from the first ‘Rock of Ages’ floor rehearsal

This is where I wrap it up for today. I know I didn’t go into MUCH detail about RoA… I’m going to try and keep these short and sweet. I know from experience that scrolling through a million paragraphs of blog is boring. Keep the reader wanting more πŸ˜‰ So with that said, make sure you SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOWΒ (look for this button – Follow GraphicΒ – on the right hand side of the page on desktop or keep scrolling down on Smartphone or Tablet) so you don’t miss any Rock of Ages sneak pics and previews and just general banter – I have a WHOLE few months of posts already planned out (organisation Queen strikes again)!Β 

AND if you want to visit the St Andrew’s website:

So, thankyou for reading, hope to see you here again. And if I don’t, you’re missing out πŸ™‚

Until then…

Lynette x
CLICK HEREΒ for tickets or visit Harrogate Theatre’s Box Office.18582257_10155461926093013_446088381823386521_n

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