Aches & Pains…

I sit writing this in a random wonky position on the sofa that relieves pressure on my back, with a heat pack wrapped round my neck and ice on my knees. Yep. HSAP rehearsals have officially started and the opening number of Rock of Ages is set! Absolutely LOVING life, it’s my fave show and completely my style of dance, I guess I just wasn’t expecting as many head bangs and knee slides. Within the first half hour I turned round to Roxx and said ‘my neck’s gone’, and had to be careful for the rest of the rehearsal (‘: So I’ll be spending the rest of the day at 2 miles an hour, thank god it’s my day off. At least now we know for next time what body parts need warming up…

45b56f48This image of ‘Mean Girls’ Regina George is totally appropriate for how I feel right now

I’m not gonna lie though, despite the fact I’m struggling with life today, I HAVE missed this feeling. I still dance as a teacher obviously, but not as full on or as intensely as I did when I was training. 2 1/2 hours last night of full out feeling was the first time in 8 months, and whilst it’s not nice to feel so broken, it’s a confirmation of hard work. The same as when you ache the day after the gym; it’s not totally pleasant but you embrace it because you know you’ve worked your body hard and made changes. I’ve missed it.

I’m trying to think now whether there’s any specific story I can tell you from training about a particularly bad experience, but I can’t. There were plenty of equally sore ones. I was lucky enough to never have to sit out or take time off because of injury – in 4 years I’m not sure how I managed that, I feel quite lucky, but the aches and pains were still there. 

From experience, the worst is probably your neck. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you’re guaranteed not to be able to do it properly. Today, my example is my water. Ordinarily, I’d just turn my head to the left to see where it is and pick it up (I’m sure you’re all familiar with how to pick up a glass). I’m having to turn my whole body to find it, then doing a hinge kind of back bend to drink because I can’t tilt my head. To quote one of my bezzies from Bird, ‘woe is me!’ :’) I’m just glad there’s no one around to laugh.FullSizeRender (1)

It’s a wet rainy day so I’m going to wallow in sore-ness, keep icing and heating and get the foam roller out when I find the energy to move from the sofa. Thank god rehearsal tonight is just a singing call. A shout-out to my gorgeous fellow cast members for such a SICK rehearsal last night – we can take it in turns passing round the heat packs tonight!

image1 (1)First (part) cast photo mid-run of ‘Just Like Paradise’
OMG I just sneezed. That was NOT a good idea, my body’s screaming at me now 😂

Lynette x

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